A good tree is a trimmed tree
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We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are here for them. From new construction tree trimming to existing yards that need cleaning, our professional staff helps you. This makes the experience quick with limited hassle.


If an ill or unseemly tree is hindering your property’s full potential, you’re risking the possibility of endangering someone close to you while also exposing your property and possessions to potential damage. It’s therefore always important to make sure that you become acquainted with a local, reliable and trustworthy arborist or tree maintenance expert.


Because tree trimming is tedious and can be potentially very dangerous, it’s crucial to make sure that your property, possessions and most importantly family are protected before having any tree trimming service work on your garden or yard. Here at “Stokes Tree Specialist.” we’re both licensed and insured.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Worker’s compensation insurance secures financial and medical assistance to anyone injured within the boundaries of our active working site. This means that if any of our employees are involved in an accident that requires medical attention while working on a tree on your property you cannot be held accountable.

  Protects both you and the company from injury or property damage
  Your property value increases many times initial value
  Safe working environment
  Allround certified and insured arborist
  Work is done quickly and efficiently

We make sure all our workers are licensed and fully bonded.
Our specialists can work on anything that includes standard maintenance to emergency care.
We don't stop to we get the job done, payment not received until completion.
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